Sky Combat Ace

aca2Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a fighter pilot? What it would be like to be behind the controls of a high-powered aircraft in hot pursuit of your opponent? At Sky Combat Ace you can strop wondering and crank up the adrenaline! At SCA you will fly with actual fighter pilots and lean the art of basic fighter maneuvering (BFM).


Bring a buddy and you can test your skills against an equally matched adversary. Under the supervision of one of their highly trained fighter pilot instructor, you are the one at the controls, you are the one squeezing the trigger and you get the satisfaction of scoring a hit on your opponent.

Sky Combat Aces flies the most advanced aerobatic airplanes in the world, the Extra 330LC. In addition to the high performance offered by the Extra, is it also configured with the latest in state-of-the-art technology, including a video targeting system, 4 on-board cameras, and a state of the art smoke system that provides instantaneous feedback when the system scores a hit. This is an adventure that gets you up close and as real as possible.

Not only will you experience the adventure of a lifetime, but your entire experience is captured on live video digitally so that you have an amazing souvenir to take home to show your friends and family.

Once your amazing flight has completed, you will have the opportunity to relax at the Sky Combat Ace fighter squadron bar and swap stories with some actual combat fighter pilots. This experience has been designed from start to finish to offer your something that is truly unforgettable. Perhaps even a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

So when your sitting by the pool at one of Las Vegas Retreats fantastic homes thinking "hmmm what shall we do later" give Las Vegas Concierges a call and have them set you up with SCA. An experience you will take with you forever.

Check out the video below, then call us and get one just like it starring you!

Flying is a unique experience. And piloting an aircraft is something that not many people get to do. Let along piloting a high performance aircraft with modenr technology in a mock-dogfight screnrio. But Sky Combat Ace (SCA), formerly known as Air Combat Ace, can give this kind of adventure to almost anyone, regardless of experience.

Sky Combat Ace is formerly known as Air Combat Ace

SCA is the same great company you have known for years in Las Vegas with an all new name. Formerly known as Air Combat Ace, they are ready and waiting to give you an incredible adventure.

Call us today! Las Vegas Concierges is ready to book your Sky Combat Ace adventure as part of your Las Vegas vacation home rental experience, or even if you're staying in a hotel or happen to be one of the locals. Be sure to call on us for the best advice and the best deals for your next Las Vegas adventure.