The Auto Collections

3535 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las VegasNV 89109
  • Location:Inside the The LINQ Hotel & Casino on the Vegas Strip between Spring Mountain and Flamingo roads.


The Auto Collections is entertaining for car aficionados and even those who wouldn't typically give cars the time of day.

Located on the fifth level of The LINQ Resort & Casino self-parking facility, The Auto Collections showcases 300 classic cars including racing cars, muscle cars and much more. Since the exhibit is constantly changing, you'll never see the same set of cars twice. 

You can buy a car here, but even if you don't have the thousands of dollars to spare, you can stand by these beauties and take as many pictures as you want. It's not every day you get to see rows and rows of Rolls Royce cars as well as old-school Ferraris, Corvettes, Impalas, Volkswagen Beetles, military vehicles and much more.

Aside from all the classic luxury cars, The Auto Collections also features military-related vehicles. The 1963 Chevrolet Nova Memorial Racecar on display is dedicated to all the fallen and living United States Marines of the Iraq war. While this car isn't for sale, a picture is priceless. Another military vehicle on display is the flat grey 1941 Willy's military jeep. Used in the military during the beginning of World War II, the jeep was restored in 1959.

If you're into racing and have $350,000 to spare, the 1986 Ford R5200 Evolution from Europe would be a fun investment. This speedster was actually banned from a rally competition in the late '80s for being too fast and dangerous. Exactly how fast are we talking about? This sleeper is capable of reaching 60 mph in a whopping 2.1 seconds.

Here you'll also find the iconic Volkswagen Beetle (better known as the "Bug"). For $45,000, you can own an award-winning (41 different awards, to be exact) red 1957 VW Beetle Ragtop. Another popular Volkswagen model on display is the baby blue 1961 Microbus Double Door Camper. Ideal for camping, this fully restored camper has maple wood interior, giving it a luxurious touch. While it's a fun road trip type vehicle, it doesn't come cheap. The fancy camper is $85,000.

If you're really ready to splurge and a Rolls Royce is the only way to go, why not go with the 1967 Rolls Royce Phantom V PV23 (James Young Limousine) for $400,000? One car, such as the 1930 Duesenberg J Murphy Town Car, is so expensive that customers would have to inquire about the price. This award-winning Town Car is only one of four that exist in the world. 

Jimmy Velvet, singer and longtime friend of Elvis Presley, signs autographs and books at the Auto Collections on certain days of the week. Visitors can also watch old car commercials as well as a Johnny Carson clip in which he talks about his own classic car collection. Seating areas are available so you can rest your feet. 

Before you leave, make sure to check out the gift shop. You'll find books on foreign, race, hot rod and American cars, old-school rotary phones, toy model cars, Elvis memorabilia, customized name plates and parking signs, board games and fun random trinkets.

Drivers Talk Radio

Visitors to the Auto Collections are in for a treat as automotive expert Rick Titus hosts the award-winning radio show Drivers Talk Radio from inside the showroom floor, weekly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The show reviews the newest vehicles in the automotive marketplace, covers thought-provoking automotive topics and includes live interviews with the industry's movers and shakers.




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    Inside the The LINQ Hotel & Casino on the Vegas Strip between Spring Mountain and Flamingo roads.
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