Lucky Cat

Cosmopolitan Lucky Cat


3708 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las VegasNV 89109
  • Location:Located at the The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.


Do you feel lucky? Well do you?

We do. That’s because we paid a visit to Lucky Cat at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Located in the hotel's pop-up exhibit space off the Las Vegas Strip, the 9-foot tall, silver Luck Cat is a modern version of the traditional Japanese cultural icon and talisman of good fortune, maneki-neko.

Those of us not up-to-date on Japanese cultural icons will recognize Lucky Cat as the ubiquitous statue of a cat waving (really he's beckoning good fortune to come in) found at just about every Asian restaurant.  

Here in Vegas we're a little obsessed with luck and anything that impacts it, so having a giant statue that brings good fortune, is, well, fortunate.

Lucky Cat normally sits at the front of a business beckoning good fortune to come in. That might seem a bit self-serving of The Cosmopolitan (Doesn't the House always have the advantage?). So the resort has created a Lucky Cat that gives good fortune to everyone. Anyone who puts their hand on Lucky Cat's paw will get a fortune. Some are helpful like "If the world is your oyster, beware of food poisoning." Others are funny "You're right. You should quit your job to start that kitten farm." And some are jackpots – free drinks at the hotel or even a free night stay.

Just be prepared to wait. Sometimes the line can get long.

So hedge your bets and improve your luck. If your fortune isn't what you want, there are also additional luck charms and lucky cats to purchase.



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    Located at the The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.
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