Mac King Comedy Magic





Without a doubt, Mac King is the funniest and finest magician in Las Vegas. He'll hold you spellbound in his Old Vegas-style showroom at Harrah's, while you hold your gut from laughing. King's self-effacing humor blended with his flawless sleight-of-hand and corny imagination elevate him to the top of his craft. Plus, his unique combination of endearing Southern charm and offbeat showmanship produces mesmerizing tricks and a giggling audience every time.  

King's repertoire also includes rope tricks, hand shadow puppets, mysterious appearances of Fig Newtons, live animals (i.e., a worm and a goldfish) and a gold lamé cape modeled after Elvis and Liberace. Not for a moment is his magic routine. King constantly stuns spectators with unconventional tricks that defy the laws of physics -- and sometimes even good taste. For example, during one of his signature capers he swallows a carrot and spits out a live goldfish, which adds an "ew" factor to his show.

Although appearing to be incompetent, King is truly adept in both his magic and people skills. That's what makes it possible for him to feature so much audience participation. A veritable parade of volunteers steps onstage each afternoon, providing immediate, awestruck reactions to his tricks.  If you need evidence that you are in the presence of a magical virtuoso, albeit one with a bowl-like haircut, just watch closely at what appears after he assembles a simple camping tent. It's jaw-dropping!


Show Times:
1 & 3 p.m Tuesday-Saturday
Show Length: 
75 minutes

Main Showroom, Harrah's

Age Restriction:

General Admission - $22.99
VIP - $46.99

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Call (702) 944-9388 for reservations 


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