Joey Diaz




Joey 'Coco' Diaz has quickly become one of the most sought after actors and comedians in the entertainment industry today.  You may recognize him from appearances in “The Mentalist”, “Children’s Hospital”, “My Name is Earl” or “General Hospital”. On the film front, Diaz has held roles in “The Longest Yard”, “Spider Man 2”, “Smiley Face” and “Taxi”, among others.

Diaz continues to tour and perform at the biggest comedy clubs in the country.  His comedy specials in “The Testicle Testaments” have sold thousands of downloads, and have even made it to the Billboard Top 100.  Diaz’s raw style of comedy is highlighted on television with recurring sketch roles on “Stand Up Revolution”, and his hit podcast “The Church of What's Happening Now.” 

Show Times:
9:00 p.m July 31, 2020
Show Length: 
90 minutes
Mystere Theater, Treasure Island hotel
Age Restriction:

Category 3 (Sec 206 & 201) - $31.99
Category 2 (Sec 202-205) - $42.99
Category 1 (Sec 102-104) - $58.99

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Call (702) 944-9388 for reservations 


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