Jeffrey Osborne



Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, Jeffrey Osborne is man with the quintessential soul voice, the kind of man that gives you goosebumps as standard, he was also the lead singer of the R’n’B and Funk band L.T.D, although since parting ways in the 80s has gone on to receive 5 gold and platinum albums – the smooth power of his approach cannot be underestimated.

The audience was a swaying mass from the start and was as enchanting as watching groups of fish quickly change direction together. My utmost favourite song and ultimate classic On The Wings of Love was spellbinding and the key change nearly made me cease up in a blissful paralytic fit, I really don’t know how he carries his voice so unbelievably well.

It was quite clear from seeing him as well how much he enjoys doing what he does, his chuckle is warm and made me uncontrollably smile, he joked with the crowd, knew when we weren’t singing as loud as we could. He creates a warm and friendly atmosphere; buttering everybody up. It would be easy to group Jeffrey into the same category as the like of Lionel Richie and George Benson but he offers something different, a unique charisma and he still hasn’t lost any of it over 30 years on.

Show Times:
8 p.m. June 27, 2020
Show Length: 
90 minutes
The Club, Cannery Hotel and Casino
Age Restriction:

Reserved (purple) - $31.99
Prime (tables) - $42.99
Gold Circle (Row 5-16)- $53.99
Premiere (Row 3-4)- $58.99
Platinum (Row 1-2)- $64.99

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