Alain Nu - The Man Who Knows




Throughout his entire life, Alain Nu, The Man Who Knows, has been looking at life with an unusual perspective and doing amazing things. Starting at a very early age, with interests in uncanny phenomena, hypnosis, eastern mysticism and illusions, Alain realized for himself a fantastic world of possibilities and interesting explorations.

When he headlines annually at The International Spy Museum with his program, ‘The ESP in Espionage,’ Alain Nu talks about many of the unusual findings made by US Agency-funded experiments while baffling us with a few of his own! Alain has entertained at THREE Presidential Inaugural Balls, for numerous top politicos of Capitol Hill, has publicly predicted The Oscars and The Golden Globe Awards with startling accuracy, and can similarly customize special programs to fit specific themes for all kinds of public and private events.

In his one-man show, Alain Nu utilizes these untold powers to foretell our futures, reveal our unspoken thoughts and create a delightfully entertaining evening of mysterious phenomena that centers on this apparently invisible energy. “Nothing is impossible in my world,” says Alain Nu. “Think about it. With just our thoughts and words as tools of visualization, we have the beginnings of untold power.” 


Show Times:
8:00 p.m  Saturday-Monday
Show Length: 
70 minutes.
The Attic Showroom, OYO Hotel & Casino
Age Restriction: 

General Admission - $23.99
Premium Seating - $33.99

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Call (702) 944-9388 for reservations 


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