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There's a large white tent located in front of Caesars Palace. From the outside it doesn't look like much, but don't be fooled. This humdrum structure is home to one of the wildest shows on the Las Vegas Strip. One step inside and you're transported to the Moulin Rouge. The walls are decorated with colorful stained-cut glass, mirrors and kitschy artifacts. In the center of the tent is a tiny stage with seating situated around it. It's the perfect setting for Absinthe, an adults-only, circus-style spectacular that combines old-world burlesque with specialty acts and outrageous comedy. You won't find much refinement here, but for guests who want a show that's daring, racy and over-the-top, you might just want to order a double when it comes to Absinthe. "If you're offended by words like f*** or s*** you just might be at the wrong f***'in show," says Absinthe's host The Gazillionaire. Sporting an ill-fitting white tuxedo, dark slicked-down hair, gold shoes and an exaggerated version of his manhood, The Gazillionaire looks just as absurd as his personality. He's crass, provocative and wildly entertaining. He acts as ringmaster for the show, but don't expect him to introduce any clowns who do balloon art or lead a line of elephants on parade. Instead, Absinthe has blond bombshell Angel Porrino from "Holly's World" who gets inside a balloon and a dynamic cast of performers who were likely plucked from places just as exotic as the African outback.


Show Times:
8:00 p.m & 10:00 p.m nightly
Show Length:
 90 min
Stripside at Caesars Palace, Caesars Palace
Age Restriction:




*Prices do not include all taxes and fees*